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Architectural Shingles

Most architectural shingles can be fixed by simply scraping off the buildup.

There are some hazards involved in this procedure. So call professional support to fix or replace an installed piece of asphalt shingle. Our team usually removes debris from around the area. Check the siding for signs of damage. You can deal with potential issues regarding the cost, but that’s not the case when we are working for you.

We go through a process to check; sometimes, remnants of old materials remain inside the rafters and all over the building floor. It can put down the moisture-curing foam. We put out the best solution needed, whether to install new shingles directly onto the existing ones, either as replacement windows or as retrofits.

We can help you by installing some newer shingles and even improve energy efficiency by permitting greater ventilation (more airflow) than older varieties.

Architectural styles

Architectural shingles come in varying sizes, shapes, and architectural designs, giving them a dimensional look. They are about 50% thicker than a traditional three-tab shingle and therefore heavier granting them greater wind resistance. They can contain unique or no cutouts, and their lower portions are laminated with an additional asphalt layer. It creates the contoured, dimensional look that makes them aesthetically pleasing. Asphalt sealant bonds the layers, reinforcing the shingles’ waterproof capability. But are architectural shingles worth the cost? An architectural styles roof will have a longer life and warranty than three-tab shingle. They can also increase the value of your home. So, if you want to install or fix it, call our team at A&G roofing and restoration, and we will assist you through the whole process.

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