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Enviroshake Roofing Services

If you are looking for installation or repair services for your Enviroshake products, we got you covered. The Enviroshake composite roofing products are designed as an alternative roofing material with the natural appearance of slate and cedar with durability and longevity that simply can’t be replicated. The products are backed by a lifetime warranty and have been tested to meet the highest ratings in the roofing industry. Rest assured for many years to come, with minimal maintenance and a roof that will protect and enhance the appeal of your home. When you choose your next roof, remember that Enviroshake has roof flashing that prevents water from entering the openings and cracks of a roof is a perfect choice.

Durability No other Material Can Match

The product is specially designed with various color options to weather and replicate the timeless appearance of a natural cedar roof. The product is environmentally friendly; it is also walkable, hail, resistant to wind and fire, and is carefully crafted to be one of the most durable alternatives to cedar shake on the market.

Delivers Sustainability

Enviroshake is proud to limit its environmental footprint. The products are manufactured from 95% reprocessed post-industrial elastomers, fibers, and polymers. Moreover, it is a fully sustainable product. Scrap material generated in manufacturing is recycled into the system, and nonbiodegradable waste materials are diverted. As an added benefit, Enviroshake products are fully recyclable.

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