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Hardie Siding

Hardie Siding Installation

A&G Roofing and Restoration helps in the installation of a genuinely stunning siding that will stand up to any weather that is thrown it’s way, built to last. It can endure strong winds, heavy rains, snowfall, and hailstorms.

Engineered To Exceed Expectations

Hardie Board for roofs is not only beautiful but also durable, adding an excellent appeal to your home. First developed in 1980, this siding has been used in over 8 million homes. Its unique blend of premium fibre concrete, cement, and other composite materials will withstand the test of time and weather.

A&G Roofing and Restoration holds Hardie board siding installation experience on more than 8 million homes. This roofing material will withstand heavy rainfall, strong winds, snow, and hailstorms; its latest technology makes it resistant to sun fading and requires little maintenance. Hardie Board has set itself apart from its competitors for the reasons above and more.

Equipped with fire-resistant properties, James hardie siding is the best fit for every home; the material won’t ignite under a direct flame or fuel a fire, as wood siding does.

“We use James Hardie for many reasons – quality, durability, brand awareness, cost effectiveness, and architectural design.”

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